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Bees in Rain is a science film studio born of a belief that science films, videos and animations can be so much better. We do not make science films to tick science communication boxes but rather to communicate science. 

Robbie I'Anson Price
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Filmmaker & Scientist

Robbie I'Anson Price is an award-winning filmmaker and storyteller. He has had his work screened in festivals in Switzerland, the UK, America and Australia. His works attempt to subvert expectation while staying relatable. He has spoken about his work at Falling Walls Engage and taught communication through film at several universities across Switzerland. Robbie carried out his PhD research on communication in bees at the University of Lausanne. You can find his published research here. In 2020 Robbie was selected to be one of the founding members of the Swiss Young Academy. 

Anna Morales-Melgares
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Scientist & YouTuber

Anna Morales-Melgares is a material scientist who carries out research with the important goal of making environmentally-friendly cement. She is truly passionate about communicating science and started a sci-comm channel on YouTube called SizeMatters. Over almost four years, SizeMatters has grown to more than 100,000 subscribers and the project has allowed Anna to expand the reach of her science communication, which is always combined with pop culture and modern references. Sharing science in social media (Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube) has become a daily-life activity for her, and has helped her participate in important communication events and communities in Spain like Amautas, Scenio, Science Truck and Physics League.

Fabien Carruzzo
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Scientist & Musician

Fabien Carruzzo is a scientist specialising in the field of neurosciences. You can find his published work here. Over the years, he has developed a passion for science communication and enjoys reading and spreading simple and accurate information from all scientific fields. Aside from science, Fabien has been involved in art across all media, finding deep enjoyment in the learning of a new skill. His artistic pursuits started in theatre, where he acted in several high production plays. Having played music most of his life, he has written, composed and recorded over 50 songs for his own projects. He has also been involved in the dance community in Geneva for over 7 years, both as a dancer and as a teacher. His latest artistic project explores the representation of dances through drawings.

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