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We can take care of every step of the filmmaking process, from initial idea to final upload of the media online. To create the perfect film for your needs and your audience, we use 2D animation, 2.5D animation, stop motion animation and up to 6k video. We are scientists interested in a wide variety of research areas having specialised in evolutionary biology and ecology, neuroscience and engineering. We speak English, French, German and Spanish and if there are other languages you need, we can ensure that your needs are met. 

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Explainer Videos

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Narrative Live Action

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Video Abstracts

The cost of the production of media for a project can vary greatly depending on complexity and length. Our 2-3 minute explainer videos can cost between 3'000 CHF and 8'000 CHF. More complex animations or designs will cost more. For interviews, costs start at 2'000 CHF and increase depending on length, complexity and amount of post-production.

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