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  • Who can apply to the Bring to Light project?
    Any researcher based in Switzerland can apply to the project. We make the selection based on the science, the lab group and the group leader.
  • If selected for the Bring to Light project, what kind of film can I ask for?
    We are open to making the film that you feel best meets your needs, be it animation, interview, narrative or something in between. We do cap the cost of the film at 5'000 CHF so that we can continue to work on paid projects at the same time.
  • When do you announce the selected project?
    We close submissions for the Bring to Light project in October each year and announce the selection within a few weeks.
  • How long will it take to make the film?
    ​We cannot give an exact timeline, but we are happy to do our best to work to your needs. Ideally we would have completed the film in time for the new year (within 2 months of confirmation of selection).
  • Do you offer discounts on the cost of producing a film?
    We are not able to offer discounts as we carefully calculate the cost of each film according to how much time it will take to produce and how much our costs will be. We do, however, offer one free film per year. You can find the form to apply for this here.
  • How long does it take to produce a video?
    It can take anything from one week to more than one month depending on the scale of the project and the style of video. If you have a tight deadline, we are a dynamic team who will do our best to meet it. Drop us a message and we can discuss your needs.
  • Can you make media for a specific platform?
    Absolutely! We can tailor the media to your needs, be they social media, for viewing on a smartphone or in the cinema, for example. We can also provide you with each format so that you can maximise the reach of you work.
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