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How do we measure emotion? Emotion series, EP3





Geneva, Switzerland


The third and final episode of the series takes us into the mind of Dr. Eva Pool. We find out about how much our bodies, and particularly our faces, can reveal about our emotions. 

We created the world and the characters using only a black pen, some white card and some glue. The whole animation was shot in the studio (see image below video player) using Dragonframe stop motion animation software.

An important aspect of our work is continuity throughout the film, as well as priming the audience with ideas that we use in the film. In this series, this can be seen in our use of stop motion for the University of Geneva introduction animation. We were asked to add the introduction to the start of the film, however, to ensure continuity, we decided to recreate the intro using the same style of animation as we use in the video (see image below). This attention to detail and desire to go the extra step is a key aspect of how we work. 

The animation was contructed using a black pen and some card. The camera was mounted on a tripod either above or in front of the diorama.
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